The Cryptographer


  • Location: Check here for your location in every scene.
  • Objective: Check here for your objective in every scene.
  • Task: Check here to know what you need to do in every scene.

A high-ranking cryptographer from the Home Office went missing months ago, without a trace. A recent listing in an online publication was flagged as bearing hallmarks of her cryptographic signature. Your team has been brought in to decipher the code and find the missing cryptographer. Along the way you discover that she may be involved in a plot by the Earth First Syndicate to assume control of Earth's defense satellite system. This would leave the people of Earth disastrously defenseless for whatever scheme the terror group has planned. It's up to you to track down the cryptographer and stop the Earth First Syndicate's plans.


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Edge usually works fairly well, but puzzles occasionally misfire in that browser. We are looking into it.

This is where you store any documents or artifacts during your mission. Almost every scene will require some piece of information stored here.

Hint #1

No one likes getting stuck. Reveal hints one at a time over here to help keep the mission going. The last hint will always be the code needed to progress to the next scene.

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